Self-Harm  - Addon
Self-Harm  - Addon
Self-Harm  - Addon
Self-Harm  - Addon
Self-Harm  - Addon

Self-Harm  - Addon

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We often hurt ourselves as a way of coping with painful and upsetting feelings. You can include this addon in your Journal and use it as an alternative way of coping with those feelings. You can also use it to explore other underlying issues you may be going through.


The urge to harm ourselves is an explosion of feelings, racing thoughts or energy that can be channeled into a more positive outcome. If you enjoy writing, reading or maybe learning new ways to cope, the Cure Journal will be of great help. It helped me and many others better manage our outbursts and get our minds off of negative zones.

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Life can be very challenging, especially if you struggle with mental health issues along the way

The reason i created The Cure Journals is because I have spent many years in therapy for Depression, and I have been through intensive residential treatment for Bulimia, and I have developed a strong passion for those who suffer from a mental health illness. Journaling has been a very helpful tool for me, and I want to share that resource with others.

A Journal for the New You

A Journal for the New You

The Self Harm Journal is designed to provide encouragement, recognition & love to those who struggle with self-harming. When you purchase this listing, you will instantly receive a link to download the PDF journal in 4 different sizes: Letter, Half Letter, A4 & A5.

You can then customize your Cure Journal by purchasing additional topic-specific journals organized in the Addons section.



6 covers, 1 emotional numbing, 1 emotions diar, 1 i feel, 1 self-harm preventio, 1 safety pla, 1 self-harm debrief, 1 notes, lined, 1 notes, blank


1. You start by purchasing The Cure Journal for Mental Health Struggles, which is the most thorough journal in the shop. It is designed to provide encouragement, recognition & love to those who are struggling with a mental health issue or general life struggle.

2. Then you can customize your journal by purchasing additional topic-specific journals, such as Depression, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, Grief, Self-Harm, Skin Picking & more. These journals are organized in the Category section of my shop.


+ Tracking/Logging: These pages are set up as blank charts/tables/spreadsheets for the purpose of tracking certain behaviors, thoughts & emotions, and recording potential growth.

+ Lists: These pages contain comprehensive lists (example: emotions, thoughts, activities) and can be used as a reference sheet.

+ Guided Journaling: These pages contain questions/prompts for those who benefit from daily writing.

+ Encouragement: These sheets are designed to encourage, such as “15 ways to love your body,” and are not meant to be received as medical advice.


This Journal is copyrighted and is intended for personal use only. You can reprint pages as many times as you’d like, as long as they are for your personal use. Please do not resell or redistribute to others.

My shop is designed to provide encouragement, comfort, recognition and love to those who struggle with any type of mental health issue.

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No, The Cure Journal is made by two people who went through a journey together. In our goal of overcoming many mental struggles such as depression, anxiety, and bulimia...., journaling was a way to cope and deal with these issues along with therapy.
No. Therapy is a base, the Cure Journal is a tool. They complement each other. If your struggles are hindering your daily life, please seek professional help. It will be very helpful. You are worthy!
Your files will be available to download once product is purchased. We’ll also send you a download notification email once your order is confirmed.
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Self-Harm  - Addon

$4.00 $8.00